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EDFL letter to Rupertswood

Further information has been provided by EDFL Chief Executive Officer, Craig Armstead, regarding the potential of Rupertswood Football Netball Club joining the EDFL from Season 2021. Mr Armstead outlines some detail of the EDFL Strategic Plan, in particular that which applies to a future growth in their Senior Netball Competition. Growth in number of teams, and a move to a Home and Away system where applicable were the main changes to their current, centralised competition. The EDFL plan then allows for a transition to a Junior Netball competition in the near future. The possibility of the Junior Netball arm of the club to be facilitated outside of this system would be high on the priority list until the EDFL Junior Competition is launched. Assisting Rupertswood in growing in the field of Female Football is another focus, which would allow the Club to attract Federal and State Government funding where these opportunities have not existed before. The 2020 Junior Football structure is outlined, showing that a large selection of Divisions are available for Junior sides to find their natural level, ensuring more even competition. Please take the time to download and read the letter by clicking on the image below.

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