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Great Deal from Flight Centre O'Shanassy Street

Looking to book a great Holiday Getaway? Want to support Rupertswood Football Netball Club? Proud Sponsor, Flight Centre have a great way to do both. Located at 95 O'Shanassey Street, Sunbury, Flight Centre will provide additional support for Rupo, as well as look after you with their great expertise and knowledge in the field of travel. How do you do this?         1. Go to Flight Centre - 95 O’Shanassy St Sunbury - book         2. You must Mention you are with Rupo football Netball club         3. See our own Jayden Swallow - or one of the great people that work there.         4. Enjoy your trip It's that easy

Please ensure that you choose Club Sponsor, Flight Centre, 95 O'Shanassy Street, Sunbury.

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