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More Junior Preseason News


WOW! 2019 really getting going now, kids getting back to school, sports getting back into full swing and parents trying to figure out where they’re meant to be on what day and time!

Under 15’s will start preseason training this Sunday morning(3/2) at 10.30am to 12pm, please bring water bottle, mouthguard and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Under 17’s will also start preseason training this Sunday afternoon(3/2) at 5pm to 6.30pm, please bring water bottle, mouthguard and be sun smart.

Announcements for the remaining age groups will be posted next week.

The junior sub-committee will be holding our first meeting of the year on Tuesday 12/2 at 7pm, I would encourage any parent to contact me and join us.

Specifically looking to fill the following roles –

· Junior Football Registration Officer –this position looks after all our expressions of interest, and registrations. The system is pretty well set up and would require some computer skills. The current registration officer will train you up to take over the role, with full registration starting now it is the perfect time to take over and have a mentor to help you get started.

· Age Coordinators x2 – we require new age coordinators to look after each age group, this role includes selection processes, parent enquiries and general committee role.

· Junior Girls Coordinator –new role and a very exciting one, all thing junior girls football related.

· Team Manager Coordinator – Looking after the team managers, you will make sure the team bags have all the right gear, paperwork is completed correctly, ensure team managers folders have the most up to date information.

· General Committee Members – always looking for new faces with new ideas.

Please contact Paul Spencer for further information on any of the above positions, pauly73@internode.on.net or mobile 0433499211.

Training tops order is being placed and should be ready before the season starts on the 7th of April 2019. Thank you to those who got in early and ordered, if anybody else would like to order a new training top the price will be $25 each, see pic attached for new top.

They will be long sleeved and collar blue. Logos on the back. Shark on the front.

Go Rupo!

Paul Spencer

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